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A Worn Paperback and a Huge Imagination
Early Years
Vasilios was born and raised in Miami, Florida, in the Dade County suburb Coral Reef. Raised in a deeply religious, Greek Orthodox family, Vasilios struggled to reconcile him being a gay person, with the teaching of the church and the expectations of his family. 
Beginning in the 2nd grade, Vasilios was the victim of bullying and subjected to emotional and physical abuse by his fellow students, which he kept hidden from his family out of embarrassment. This abusive treatment continued until he stood up to his tormentors when he was 17. 
Finding Peace and Coming-Out
Beginning in junior high, Vasilios began to search for an outlet for his bottled-up creativity and auditioned and won placement in The New World School of the Arts (Formerly PAVAC), in their Musical Theater program, but it was during the summer of his 16th year that Vasilios discovered a true outlet for the creativity he didn’t know how to express. 
Always having been a fan of the ballet, Vasilios began taking classes at the renowned ballet instructor/studio, Martha Mahr School of Ballet. It was during the many grueling classical ballet classes, which transformed the than overweight teenager into a strong, confident and lean individual. The art form provided Vasilios with the focus, discipline and strength to come into terms with his homosexuality, finally reconciling his religious, personal and family life. Vasilios went on to perform with The Miami Ballet, BalletMet Columbus and Columbus Youth Ballet. 
Muse Unexpected 
Five years ago the author discovered another outlet for his creativity and began writing his first novel, Muse Unexpected. The novel was published in January 2014 and a debut party was held at SBC Advertising where 200 guests attended to hear Vasilios read from his novel and answer questions about Muse Unexpected and the publishing process. In 2016, EllyThe novel continues to receive rave reviews and Vasilios is currently working on Book 2 of the series. 
For Vasilios Constantine Birlidis (V.C. Birlidis), the road to getting published has been a long one. The inspiration for his novel, Muse Unexpected, was ignited when he was a child, due to his father reading to him from a worn paperback about the Greek Myths. The myths were certainly not the sort of bedtime story to read to a nine year old with an overactive imagination, and although he often begged his father to read another one, Vasilios experienced many sleepless and anxiety filled nights during his childhood. 
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